CASQUE Troupe du 4ème Régiment de Cuirassiers,... - Lot 202 - Hôtel des Ventes des Notaires

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CASQUE Troupe du 4ème Régiment de Cuirassiers,... - Lot 202 - Hôtel des Ventes des Notaires
CASQUE Troupe du 4ème Régiment de Cuirassiers, model 1872 modified 1874, Third Republic All-steel helmet with brass fittings. The shell is made of pressed and melted sheet steel, with suction cup holes at the top. The visor is lined with black leather and edged with a brass snap ring. Neck cover consisting of a circular band on its flat side, soldered under the rear edge of the band it extends, with three gilded brass nails with half-spherical heads riveted inside; a second concave band, forming a groove, with rounded corners soldered inside, at the bottom of the first, edged with a copper crimp set astride, green lacquered underside. The brass band, embossed with a flaming pomegranate and encircled with laurel leaves, adheres to the bomb. Its base rests on the visor and its ends are riveted to the bomb in the part hidden by the chinstrap rosette. Each chinstrap is made up of copper scales cut alternately into three or two tapering festoons, fixed by wire studs flattened on a leather core lined with black basane. The right chinstrap has a small riveted copper plate at the end, to which a copper buckle is attached. At the end of the left chinstrap, there is a similar plate with a copper D fitted with a black varnished calfskin counter strap. The top scale of each chinstrap is covered with a circular copper rosette featuring four raised rushes. Copper crest composed of two fins, a mask and a cover fixed with four screws (two per fin). The upper edge of the fins is adorned with palmettes and a fillet; the rim is decorated with water leaves, all embossed in relief. A tin-plated plate joins the upper edges of the fins and sets the distance between them. Mask serving as the front junction of the two fins by means of a weld, embossed with a Medusa head in relief. The cover, also stamped, represents the continuation of Medusa's head hair with intertwined snakes. Crest ornament composed of: a socket and a lens formed of two shells embossed with flowers and palmettes. Attached to the front of the crest and supporting a red tuft of mane. Black mane, approx. 86 cm long. Stamped copper plume holder, forming a socket, attached obliquely, from bottom to top, to the bomb, a little forward of the left chinstrap, by means of two threaded rods passing through the bomb. Inner lining in brown waxed leather with seven wolf's teeth and brass eyelets. Fairly good condition, oxidation to the bomb. Helmet height: 31 cm Expertise Bertrand Malvaux
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