Our team and our experts

The team

Ms Estelle HISS, Administrative and Financial Manager
Ms Rosalie ANTONIO, Sales Administration
Ms Clara GAMELIN, Auctioneer's Clerk
MS Stéphanie THIRION, Consultant in charge of carrying out inventories
Ms Cassandre MOREIRA, Jewellery specialist and sales preparer
Ms Alice MARTIN, Sales Preparer
Ms Chloé VINCENT, Sales Preparer
Ms Stéphanie THIRION, Sales Consultant


Sales Consultant

Ms Stéphanie THIRION, Sales Consultant


External experts

Ms Aline JOSSERAND-CONAN, expert at the Paris Court of Appeal and CNES in porcelain, earthenware and ceramics
Ms Béatrice MAISONNEUVE, CNES expert in jewellery, gemology and jewellery
Mr Didier LARGEAULT, CNES expert in Art-Nouveau
Mr Benoît BERTRAND, SFEP expert in Haute-Époque
Mr Stéphane GIRARDOT, CNES expert in horology
Mr Christian RÉBERT, expert in antique and modern books
Cabinet CHANOIT, experts in 19th and 20th century art
Cabinet PORTIER & ASSOCIÉS, experts in Far Eastern Art
Mr Valère ROUSSEL, Master Sommelier since 2017 in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Alsace