Boston/Strasbourg Quilt Project

lundi 15 mai 2023 18:00
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ONLINE ONLY - "Boston/Strasbourg Quilt Project" from 19/03/23 to 03/05/2023 18h

Two works of patchwork are the fruit of a collaboration between women impassioned of sewing of both sides of the Atlantic within the framework of the twinning Boston-Strasbourg. About 40 women from both cities exchanged their work. The Strasbourg women chose the theme of flowers and the Boston women decided to make stars. In Strasbourg, they work in a traditional way by hand, in Boston they are modernists and use sewing machines. With the same components they will create two very different works.

Come and discover them - come and admire them - during the two conferences.

The proceeds of this sale will allow the associations to continue to create projects.

This beautiful concretization of the twinning is the fruit of the collaboration between four associations: Alsace-Etats-Unis, Boston Strasbourg Sister City Association for the organization and the Patcheuses d'Eckbolsheim and the Boston Modern Quilt Guild for the making of the works.

Exhibition :

March 19 at the Josephine Pavilion from 1pm

March 26 in Eckbolsheim at the socio-cultural room, from 1:30 pm during the conferences.

Notary :

Me Stéphane Glock

Referent :

Mrs Vivanne Beller

Conferences :

Sunday, March 19 at 2:00 p.m., Pavillon Joséphine - The Amish Quilt: Can it be considered a work of art?

Sunday, March 26 at 2pm, Eckbolsheim Salle Socio-Culturelle: Five centuries of Anabaptist history in Alsace: Mennonites and Amish

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